Happy New Year – Lucky Charms and Good Luck in 2007

The chinese year of the dog is over, but you can still look for some dog-gone luck in 2007. There are a variety of ways to ring in the New Year and assure you will have luck, wealth, health and happiness. Below are Big Paw’s Favorites – Post a Comment to this post and tell us your favorite lucky New Year’s traditions!

Big Paw’s Top 10 for luck in 2007
1. Kiss at midnight
2. Eat Lots of Black Eyed Peas, they bring you money and luck
3. Eat lots of Tamales
4. Eat blueberry muffins and watch teh Rose Bowl parade.
5. Well, just eat lots…it is your last day to do so guilt-free
6. Watch lots of Football
7. Take down the tree and holiday decorations, not only is it bad luck, but the neighbor’s will talk about you behind your back if you leave them up too long:)
8. Do a little bit of work, then lie around on the couch with cats, dogs, kids, family snoozing around you – bloody mary’s optional
9. A Lucky Dog Charm from Big Paw might be a good idea to keep puppies lucky in 2007
10. Just be nice and set the tone for 2007


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