Ring in the New Year with a Dog Party

It is time to ring in the New Year….and the pooches should enjoy the fun too!
You can throw a dog party for Fido, a cat party for Fluffy, or include them in your festivities. Make sure you have plenty of room for any rambuncious dog play and don’t let them dip a paw in the champagne!

The Party Animal Collar Charm is purrfect adorn the doggie diva host, or provide a fun party favor for the dog attendess. The charm is made of lead free pewter and attaches to any collar. It even has effervescant champagne bubbles drawn as decoration on the charm to put everyone in the party spirit:

You can find dog party supplies and cat party supplies at Tail Waggin’ Celebrations. They also have a downloadable party checklist.

Here is a photo of one of Tail Waggin’s customers with thier party hats:

And don’t forget the treats! Barkin Dog Bakery has these cute dog cookies that look like champagnes glasses:

Or you can make your own with dog treat recipies from the poop pantry like “breath bustin biscuits” and “wacky wheat treats”.

Now, some dogs just are michevous and will not behave…so make sure to have some energy releasing dog fun. A Double Tug Dog Toy is great fun:

Or the Romp N Roll from Dogtoys.com for the more active pups:

However you decide to celebrate, have a safe, fun and happy new year!


One comment

  1. What a great idea, so many of us have grown kids or none, but we now have doggus. So this gives anyone a great reason to throw a party tonight and ideas how to make it happen.

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