Help find Roswell a home – Woof!

Roswell really needs to find his permanent home. He has been at Used Dogs in New Orleans, since hurricane Katrina. He is a great dog…Beautiful. And in his young years he has made a lot of progress to please his potential new owners. Roswell is a bouncing dog with TONs of energy – so not for just any home, but an active home with an experienced dog owner. Roswell needs to know who is boss – or I have a feeling he will bat his beautiful eyes and get his way.

Pit Bulls can be great dogs. In fact, any dog can be a great dog or a bad dog. It just depends on the discipline, love and TIME spent with the dog (which not many of us have).

Now more than ever, it is imperative that anyone who owns pit bull be a RESPONSIBLE PIT BULL OWNER. Anyone who loves their Pit should educate themselves about what is going on. Even if you think you are a responsible owner, check yourself, double check yourself and check yourself again. Should you ever allow your dog to bite,hurt or even frighten anybody or another animal, you have really done an irreparable diservice to your pet and the entire breed. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES. NO EXCUSE IS GOOD ENOUGH. Educate yourself, check yourself, err on the side of caution.


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