Rescued Pets sometimes make the best pets!

While we love any and all pets, sometimes rescued pets make the best pets. An email sent to us by one of our newsletter subscribers shows us the value of rescuing dogs, and what wonderful pets abused animals can make with a little time and energy. This poorly treated weimaraner, was about to be destroyed before this rescue mom saved the day!

Dharma Blue “is the sweetest thing and
most loyal among the family that included two cats whom she loves.
After what she was put through in her first three months of a “life” in
a crate way too small and one ine which she ate whatever got thrown in,
licked up the hose water sprayed in and never got to stretch her
muscles. One picture and I was in love. I thought I would never get
her from Missouri, but to my surprise, they operated a transport
service and within three weeks she was mine to mend, love and prove
that all of mankind is not so cruel.”

“The pictures basically tell her tale. Just what can a few months of TLC and
socialization mean to a rescue – check it out. Dharma Blue, we call
her, would snuggle next to you in bed and never budge as long as she
had you by her side. She loves her silver sister, too and the two can
run like racehorses through open fields with grace and beauty. All
Dharma needed was a trip to U of Penn Vet Hospital where they inserted
a shunt into a valve that failed to close after birth and now she is
good to go for life. Amazing. For that she was to be destroyed. Being
cramped in the crate left her with some funky-molded bones that never
had a chance tp grow normally, but she has brought beauty and grace
into our world and has demonstrated a spirit that just could not be
distinguished given the chance to be on the receiving end of some TLC.
Here she is on day one and then three months later…the transformation

Big Paw Designs
has several rescue oriented products. Rescue groups are offered special discounts to resell these products to raise funds. One of the new collar charms also donates a portion of profits to pet charities. Rescue and breed information listings are also listed – we are always looking for more to list and more success stories like Dharma Blue!


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