The adventures of Droopy

Droopy is one of our website visitors and is quite an adventurous dog. Below are some of his adventures! Perhaps Droopy needs an Angel/Devil collar charm!

Droopy’s Adventures!

Our “son”, Droopy, is the Best Pet anyone could have. He has many personality traits like we do. In fact, he thinks he is human. He is very friendly and fun-loving. He becomes very excited to see people. Sometimes he even likes to show his love by licking them-especially their ears. He cares deeply about his “Mama” and “Daddy.” We mean the world to him and he shows that daily.
We named Droopy after the cartoon character although he is very opposite from that. The Droopy on TV is very calm. Our Droopy is extremely energetic, wild, and tireless. He loves to play, jump, and run. He chases deer and crazy enough, runs like one. He enjoys jumping off the back of the couch. People are amazed at how hyper he can be.
Droopy is very cute. His best characteristic is his bat ears. They stick straight up and when the sunlight hits them, they look like bat wings.

At times he can be selfish. His toys belong to him and no one else. He is the only one that plays with them. His favorite toy is his house shoe. He has had it since he was 6 weeks old. He can also be mischievous at times. When he was only a few months old and barely bigger than our hands, he tore up our entire bathroom linoleum floor all by himself. He knows when he is in trouble, though, and he immediately begins to apologize. He rolls onto his back with his legs up in the air and begs for forgiveness.
Droopy can be very curious and brave. Recently, he decided to find out what an armadillo was. He chased it through the yard and into the ground. Well, Droopy got stuck in the hole and we had to dig him out at 3 a.m. He is very interested in everything, but sometimes his curiosity gets the best of him.
Droopy is also smart. We let him outside to play and when he wants back in he just knocks on the door. He does not use his paws to knock. He uses his whole body. If you do not go to the door the minute he starts knocking, he will just knock louder. When we let him in, he knows he need a treat and he is not moving until he gets one. This is where his demanding and bossy side comes into play. When he thinks it is time for you to pet him, he is going to use his arms to pull your hands onto him. He will not give up until you touch him and show him attention.

Droopy always keeps us laughing. He is very funny. One morning we let him outside while we were getting ready for work. We heard him knocking on the door to come back in, but we knew the knock sounded different. We opened the door and he came dashing in with a deer leg in his mouth. By the way, the leg was what he was knocking with. I don’t know how because the leg was bigger than him. He ran and jumped in his bed with the leg. We were devastated. We had to pry it out of his mouth to take it away from him. To this day, we laugh until we cry about this episode. He always keeps us on our toes.
The main thing we love about Droopy is his gentleness. When he is sleepy he loves to cuddle with us. He has to sleep underneath something, whether it is a blanket or a pillow. He also likes to bury his head under our arms or legs. He is so sweet when he is tired. If he sleeps during the day, he likes to be on the back of the couch in the windowsill. This allows the sun to beam down on him. He usually goes to bed around 9:30 p.m. and does not wake up until our alarm goes off in the morning. He begins the day by greeting us with so much love.
As you can see, Droopy is a bundle of joy. He is adventurous, lovable, bold, and humorous. Altogether he is well-rounded.


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