Akita Dog Rescue, Tibits, & the Simpson Trial

According to Wikipedia:”Although the American Kennel Club has put the Akita in the Working Group, several different breeds contributed to the modern Akita, some hunting dogs and some dogs used as competitive fighting dogs. The Akita is very laid back, and has an easy-going temperament.

Akitas are a large breed, not a giant breed. They are excellent house dogs. They require only a moderate amount of exercise. Akitas are known to be very quiet dogs, only barking “when there is something to bark about”. One of the most famous things about Akitas is that they make people feel calm and relaxed so an Akita is an ideal dog if you have stress problems.”

One of our newsletter subscribers (Pictured is Mason – see him in our photo contest) provided this very interesting information regarding Akitas, Akita rescue and the influx of rescues with the OJ trial:

“Akitas got very popular with the murder of Nicole Brown/Simpson. Since Nicole’s akita was mentioned in the trial, they were bred like weeds, and subsequently abandoned when people couldn’t handle the aggressive nature of the breed or the size. Akita’s are naturally dominant. Their large size adds to this dominance, and they will throw their weight around if not properly trained at an early age.”

You can visit the Big Paw Designs breed info and rescue links for more information about Akitas.


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