Bootsy the rescue dog & squirrel chaser

“Bootsy loves to jump and run. She is a 7 month old golden retriever and cocker spaniel mix. Bootsy was rescued from an abusive home. She was kept in a basement for months with several of her family . The owners left the lights out and a pile of food for the dogs to eat while they went on an extended cruise. Barking alerted rescuers of the problem. They broke the basement window and freed Bootsy and her kin. Boosty was brought to the Mason County Animal Shelter where we obtained her from. Bootsy still does not like the basement.”

Apparently, Bootsy loves squirrels. Pehaps she needs a Big Paw Squirrel Patrol Charm to let the squirrels know she is the ruler of the yard!. “On one sunny day Bootsy was doing her normal chase a squirrel around the park when the squirrel turned the tables on her and chased Bootsy around the yard. I guess Bootsy figured squirrels are fun as long as they are running away.”


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