Top 10 Pet Gifts for Dog Rescuers

There are lot’s of dog rescue volunteers out there. Just do a search and you will find thousands on petfinder, and individual websites – too many to count. Big Paw Designs also does what we can to help rescues.
So, this holiday season, give your friend, dog lover, rescue mom or local volunteer a rescue themed gift! Here is our top 10 rescue shopping list…most are under $10 bucks!

  1. “Rescue Mom” Car magnet
  2. “Rescue Dad” Car magnet
  3. “Rescue Mom” pewter magnet for the fridge
  4. “Rescued” collar charm for a dog or cat
  5. “Rescued” keychain
  6. “Rescue Mom” Pewter & Wood frame
  7. “Rescued” Heart and bone collar charm
  8. “Rescued” Heart and bone keychain
  9. “Woof” Fleur de lis collar charm – benefits dog rescues
  10. “Woof” Fleur de lis keychain – benefits dog rescues

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