Why Do Dog Lovers Love Dog Lover Gifts?

Ask anyone who owns a dog, and they’ll tell you that dog lover gifts rank high on their “must have” list for holidays and birthdays. It’s not at all uncommon to see dog owners sporting all types of paraphernalia celebrating their pooches and their respective breeds. What gives? Why do dog owners love to proclaim their canine love so loudly?

Perhaps the answer lies in the role that dogs play in society—and in American families. Today, over 65 million dogs live their lives in harmony with humans. And an overwhelming number of those “humans” (approximately 92 percent) consider their dogs more than just pets – they consider them family.

It’s no wonder. Dogs, with their unique personalities and willingness to please, are often given the same liberties at home as other family members. As family members, dogs are no longer relegated to back yards or cramped kennels. Today’s dogs are treated to regular grooming, doggie-daycare, and organic treats.

Owners demand human comforts for their dogs, and they aren’t shy about celebrating it. It’s not surprising, then, that dog owners welcome dog lover gifts from others who recognize the unique relationship they have with their pets.

This “humanization” of dogs has elevated the amount of care provided to man’s best friend. From veterinary care to cosmetic products geared towards dogs, dog lovers often seek the same quality of products they would want for their children. It stands to reason, then, that those devoted to their family pooches welcome (and maybe even hope for) any gifts that showcase their four-legged family member.

In the past, the choices available to those shopping for dog lover gifts were limited. Coffee cups and bumper stickers were often the only options readily available. However, with the advent of so many pet superstores and online specialty pet stores, more options are available than ever before. Just a few items available for dog lovers today are:

* Dog-themed jewelry. From charms to bracelets to earrings, male and female dog owners alike enjoy wearing long-lasting mementos of their favorite pooch.

* Picture frames. Today, Fido’s face sits on the mantle right along with the rest of the family.

* Magnets. Pictures of children aren’t the only thing decorating American refrigerators these days.

Key chains. They carry the keys to their owner’s hearts, so it’s only fitting that they carry the rest of the keys, as well.

Dogs aren’t just pets anymore, they are family members. As such, their roles in families are celebrated in much the same manner as children or devoted companions. With sales of dog-related products in the billions of dollars each year, owners have made their pet priorities ring out loud and clear. Anyone who graces them with dog lover gifts can only be affirming that proclamation. Looking to find the perfect gift for your favorite dog lover? Check out http://www.bigpawdesigns.com for some of the latest gift ideas.


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