Funny Pet Stories

Here are some of the latest funny pet stories from our visitors. From an escape artist to a dryer kitty and a self treating dog…..I am sure everyone can relate! Enjoy!

“There are several. Some not so funny for a few weeks after-like when they rampage through the treat cabinet and feast. The learning how to open the bread drawer and helping themselves to the entire bread drawer. The time that one weim locked me out of my running car-she hit the lock button and I was on the sidewalk.”

“When my girls run across the floor – if you’re sitting in the basement, it sounds like a herd of buffalo!”

“One of our cats Bilbo is a real trouble maker-and has used up most of his 9 lives. He’s always jumping into the dryer while your trying to do laundry, he’s gotten his head stuck in our recliner, in the kitchen drawer and in a basket handle- but the most amusing was when he came out into the living room with a 6 foot long cardboard wrapping paper tube stuck on hi9s head- which we had to cut off of him!”

“It’s more embarassing, but if she see’s a handicaped person, or someone that’s homeless, or standing in a dark corner, and all she can see is an outline she’ll growl really low, and then bark a few times, then walk away, and if that same person walks by her she does this low quiet deep bark. it’s really embarrasing!! I feel like I have to apologize when she does that! I wonder if theres training for that!!! :)”

“my pug has learned to ring the bells i have for him to go outside and then sometimes he will high tail it to my recliner to make himself comfortable. sometimes he rings them so i will be occupied opening the patio door and he will be eating my sandwich. i have yet to figure out how he chewed a hole in a pillow when everytime i checked him , he was snoring and eyes were closed.”

“He “escaped” from my fenced in yard when he was a puppy about 4 times. (The mailman neglected to close the gate!) He would always go across the street (residential street) to this factory by my house. Luckily I had his name and phone number on his coller so they would call me and I’d come get him. The last time they called and I went to get him, they were all playing with him and feeding him Cheetos! Now I can’t buy Cheetos without him going crazy!”

“While at the dog park, the greyhounds come up behind my blk lab mix and nudge him in the butt to run faster. He tries his best to keep up them!”

“Came home one day for lunch when Sambuca was a baby and she ate my orchid plant! Came home one day for lunch when Isabella Martini was less than a year and she was all pink, ate a highlighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


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