Dumb Dogs?

~Dumb Dogs~ by Phyllis Benton
Dogs are smarter than most people give them credit for. People often will say, “Dumb dog” referring to a dog. Is it possible that they only pretend to be dumb in order not to have to do something that they are asked to do?

For example, “Come here! You dumb dog.” Why would the dog want to come back if it left for a reason and is it laughing at you for calling it dumb?

Your new puppy is now at its new home. Checking out its new home, it has its first accident. You scold the puppy, “bad dog!” It’s time to go to bed. The puppy is put on its new bed to sleep that you got especially for it. It cries and cries. You have been told to put an alarm clock beside the puppy in its bed so it will think the clock ticking is the heart beat of its mother. This doesn’t work. Next, the hot water bottle, it will think the bottle is the warmth of its mother and will be content and go to sleep. That idea doesn’t work either. You need to get some sleep but there is no way to sleep with a new puppy crying. Next plan, pick it up, cuddle and talk to it. Finally, it goes to sleep so you lay it back down in its bed. You are awakened by the pitiful whimpering of a baby. Picking up the puppy again, holding it close to you on your chest. It is now quiet and asleep. You fall asleep also.

Hurry! Get to the door. Whoops! Too late. Another accident. It’s not really the puppy’s fault. You slept in to late because you were tired from not getting enough sleep. It had to go and couldn’t get to the door quick enough. The day goes on trying to get it out each time it squats or acts like it has to go outside. Each day is a new task, both you and the puppy are learning. It has learned that going to the door and scratching on it with its paw will get him out and in when it wants. It becomes a constant thing and you are wearing yourself out going back and forth to the door. You put your foot down and say, “That’s enough, in or out?”

When it comes to playing, dogs are always ready. Most dogs love to play ball. You throw the balls, the dog runs for the ball. “Bring it here.” You say. The dog gets the ball and brings it part way back. You are now chasing the dog in order to get the ball from it. It runs around while you chase it and then it drops it when you finally get to it. You throw the ball again. The dog does the same thing. You chase him again to get the ball. You throw it one more time, the dog runs but you decide that the dog is just not getting it so you give up. The dog comes over to you with the ball and drops it at your feet. Who’s the dumb one here?

Let’s go get the mail. The dog decides it wants to help carry the mail in. You give it a piece of junk to carry. You figure the dog will chew it up anyway. It carries the mail proudly in the house and drops it on the floor. Pretty darn smart, huh? Each day it carries in a piece of mail right in the house. One day, instead of carrying the mail in the house, it decides to veer off from the back steps and take the mail in the back yard. The chase is on, catch me if you can. It’s time to have some fun with momma.

The sun is shinning through the window in the living room while you are enjoying having your morning coffee. Your dog comes in the living room with something white in its mouth. It has dad’s socks. You tell it to bring the socks to you. It comes almost within reach and then turns sharply to the left. You call the dog again. It comes almost close enough for you to touch the socks and it jerks back again. Finally, it brings the socks to you. That’s one way to get attention.

Now it is time to leave the dog by itself in the house. First time will be for a short time. Your dog goes to the door as you are leaving but you tell it that it has to stay. It looks confused and pitiful standing there. You hate to leave it by itself but know you have to teach it that it will have to stay by itself some times. You are only gone a half hour. When you return the toilet paper is strung the whole length of the house. The book you had been reading, left on the couch, now looks like it has gone through a shredder. It has to be scolded. It isn’t allowed on the furniture but after leaving it the next time, you only pretend to leave. You pretend to lock the door and go outside. Opening and closing the car door so it thinks you are leaving, you go to the window and look inside. Your dog has decided to make itself at home and have a seat up on the couch. You run in the house quickly in order to catch it on the couch. Your dog is standing on the floor looking at you and wagging its tail.

Some people believe in reincarnation. Some people believe that when you are reincarnated that you come back as a dog. Some times when you talk to your dog, it seems to know what you are saying. Anything is possible but dogs are not so dumb, are they?
About the Author

“Living Nightmares of Abuse” is now available at publishamerica.com, Amazon.com, B&N.com, Borders, and on other on line book stores for $19.95. Use my ISBN# 1-4137-9156-5 for easier location of the book. Check with your local book store for listings. For more information about my book or about the author, please visit my website at http://www.pdbenton.org.


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