Howloween Contest – Part III

Thinking I was being a good pet owner, I have decided not to allow the
two pups I have now to have rawhide. So, we search and enjoy finds
such as bones filled with Tofu that go in the freezer, Kongs filed with
all kinds of treats, Booda Velvet groovies and chips and good old
Nylabones. While Nylabones are a favorite, every now and then we try
something new and this time it was a package of three Strawberry
Nylabone Edibles, All Natural, of course! Once we got home, the two
pups dove right in and worked long and hard on those strawberry bones.
Now, the younger pup who I had recently rescued was scheduled for heart
surgery the following day. No food or water after midnight. We can do
that, no problem. After the bones, the two went in their crates for a
rest. I go in to get them ready for a walk and the little pup has
hives, hug ones, all over her body. Rush her to the vet, they get
orders from Penn Veterinary Hospital and she is able to have the
surgery thanks to a load of Benadryl and some other IV med. The
lesson to this long tale: Never try something new the evening before
surgery and just as in people, dogs can react quickly and dangerously
from foods. In our case the strawberries. He coat was a mess for
moths and now she is finally getting her fur back in the patches where
she lost hair in the aftermath of the hives. Never a dull moment. i
am forwarding their pictures.
Don’t let those sweet faces fool you!
14 & 5 months.. Only Day Two together and inseparable!
Just home from the


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